Tiered Entremets

Special occasions deserve desserts befitting the event. Vanilla Miel’s tiered entremets add the perfect understated elegance to the event with their glossy exterior and decadent interiors.

Grande Plus Pre-Assembled

This can almost be called a one and a half tier entremet and can be ordered as a regular delivery, serves upto 20 people. In terms of flavour selection you can select any flavour from the entremet section of our menu.

Elaborate Tiered Entremets

These are designed to serve larger party sizes and are more elaborate in terms of their garnish and finishing. Our tiered entremets need to be assembled at the venue which is why they require a sufficient amount of pre-planning

Note: We only customise the Petit and Grande sizes of our desserts. We do not customise Individual desserts.


Lead Time: Depending on availability, a four day heads up is usually best to begin the process for tiered entremets

Flavour: You can pick any flavour from the entremet section on the menu

Design: If you have a theme or color scheme, you can reach out to our team and we can help you with ideas & options. Once details are finalised, the production will begin.

Finalise Costing: Once the details of the order have been clarified, allow us to get back to you with a detailed costing.

Delivery & care: Grande Plus Pre-Assembled: Once you receive the dessert, please refrigerate it and remove it fifteen minutes before consumption.

Elaborate Tiered Entremets: Our tiered entremets need to be assembled at the venue, so we would require you to arrange for a table in an airconditioned room, where the team can bring the components and assemble the tiered cake.