Pink Passionade

INR 2,950

Strawberry | Passion Fruit | Vanilla

Pink Passionade

Strawberry | Passion Fruit | Vanilla

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An ever-lasting love affair between passion fruit & strawberries, this tart is a chef's favourite & has been created to highlight the symphony acidity can create between different ingredients.

The sour notes of passion fruit subtly cut through the signature sweetness of strawberries to perfectly balance the textures, flavours & complexity of the dessert

Ingredients & origin

Strawberries: Niphda, Nashik


Product needs to be refrigerated upon receipt and consumed within 2 days. Ideally this needs to be taken out of the fridge 20 minutes prior to service and consumed at room temperature. With time, this product might have some water loss around the circumference due to osmosis occuring within the fresh fruit. This is a natural process with fresh fruit desserts and does not need to be worried about.


Contains dairy & tree nuts


Individual: 3 inches (Serves 1) Petit: 6 inches (Serves 4 to 5) Grande: 8 inches (Serves 7 to 8)

Chef’s note

Passion fruit is by far my favourite fruit and I doubt there is a better flavour pairing than passion fruit & berries. This tart was created to celebrate palates like mine, that think of dessert as the truest sense of 'khatta meetha'

Isha Shetty
Head Chef
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