Love Letter

INR 2,150
Dark Chocolate | Olive Oil | Sourdough

This gift set comes in our signature hamper bag with delicate florals.

We created this as a ‘Love Letter’ to our our mom, conveying an impossible sense of love & gratitude for the innumerable little things she’s done for us. This creation with its infinite complexity is dedicated to her.

We’ve used three simple ingredients that aren’t traditionally paired together to create this envelope - Cacao Barry's 70% single origin chocolate from Saint Domingue, extra virgin olive oil from Greece & locally sourced sourdough bread.

The olive notes from the chocolate are exaggerated by the Grecian olive oil that also generously lends its viscosity to the various textures of the entremet. Creating a wholesome satiety, the sourdough, a complex bread form, is dehydrated & laced through the chocolate rocher glaze to add Vanilla Miel's signature crunch to the entremet.

The Love Letter is a lyric to the intricate simplicity of authentic ingredients, familial love & emotions that cannot otherwise be articulated.

Do you require this to be egg free?