Garden Tea Party

INR 3,050
Tartlettes | Entremet Squares | Inclusion Sprigs | Tea Cakes

A little bit of everything, this tea set is the absolute perfect way to celebrate everything that your Mum means to you. Tuck yourself away in a corner of your home & indulge like no one is watching!

Tartlettes | 2

Apple Pie | Speculoos | Vanilla 

Dark Chocolate | Crunch | Almond

Entremets | 4

Mango Cheesecake | Mango Gel

Gianduja Chocolate| Salted Caramel 

Inclusion Bars | 2

Blonde Chocolate | Macadamia 

Milk Chocolate | Hazelnut 

Tea Cakes | 2

Pistachio Cream Cheese

Banana Chocolate  

Do you require this to be egg free?