INR 2,750
Tarts | Praline Squares | Tea Cakes | Candle

Prana is the universal energy which flows through currents in and around the body, permeating everything. Typically symbolised by the circle, this box celebrates Prana - a representation of totality, wholeness, the infinite & timelessness.

Praline Squares | 9

Milk Slow-Roasted Hazelnut Crunch Praline | 3

Dark Himalayan Pink Salt Pistachio Praline | 3

Milk Caramelised Coconut & Jaggery Praline | 3

Chocolate Topped Tea Cakes | 2

Dark Chocolate Enrobed, Mandarin & Orange Peel Tea Cake 

Milk Chocolate Enrobed, Banana & Single Origin Chocolate Chip Tea Cake

Individual Tarts | 2

Gajjar Halwa Crunch, Vanilla Rabri Mousse, Boondi Caviar

Pistachio Crunch, Berry Jelly, Pistachio Mousse, Dried Rose Petals

Warm Vanilla Candle

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