Peace | Prosperity Collection

INR 3,250

This paradoxical ensemble not only aspires to evoke the tranquility & calm of a traditional Japanese ‘Zen Garden’, but also hopes to infuse powerful notes of colour, joy & cheer so synonymous with, & innate to Diwali

Praline Rocks | 16

Milk Slow-Roasted Hazelnut Crunch Praline | 4

Dark Himalayan Pink Salt Pistachio Praline | 4

Milk Caramelized Coconut & Jaggery Praline | 4

Dark Coffee Almond Praline | 4 

Petit Tart | 1

Almond Biscuit, Chocolate Crunch, Single Origin Chocolate Ripples | 6 Inch Tart

Pistachio Genoise Moss

Warm Vanilla Candle

Do you require this to be egg free?