INR 3,450
Tarts | Chocolate Tabs | Tea Cakes | Sablé | Candle

Ānanda signifies a deeper joy, unlike the fleeting pleasures of sensory indulgences, it is an ever- changing and engaging exaltation of the mind.

This box comes complete with a rangoli stencil, dry fruit mix & little packets of rang to create a beautiful pattern at the threshold of your home. 

This set does not include a candle 


Individual Tarts | 2

Salted Almond Chikki Crunch | Mango Pineapple Créme | Vanilla Coconut Mousse

Peanut Chikki Crunch | Salted ‘Gur’ Caramel | Peanut Mousse


Dark Belgian Cocoa Dusted Single Origin Soft Chocolate Tabs | 10


Tea Cakes Squares | 4

Roasted Pistachio & Berry Pâte de Fruit

Madagascan Vanilla & Gelled Passion Fruit


Chocolate Praline Sablés | 3

33% Chocolate Enrobed Sablé with Hazelnut Crisp Praline

55% Chocolate Enrobed Sablé with Pistachio & Pink Salt Praline

33% Chocolate Enrobed Sablé with Almond Praline

Do you require this to be egg free?