Sukh | Rang Collection

INR 1,800

Translating to mean a deep and lasting state of happiness, the Sukh set with it’s abundance of dry fruits and sweets conveys the blessing of health & prosperity to your loved ones.

Tea Cake Rectangles| 2

Roasted Pistachio & Berry Pâte de Fruit

Madagascan Vanilla & Gelled Passion Fruit

Praline Sprigs | 2

33% Chocolate Hazelnut Praline Sprig

55% Chocolate Pistachio Praline Sprig

Brownie Bar | 1

Triple Chocolate Brownie Bar

Chocolate Dipped Sablés | 2

33% Dipped Chocolate Almond Sablé Biscuit

55% Dipped Chocolate Almond Sablé Biscuit

Do you require this to be egg free?