INR 2,650
Cinlettes | Inclusion Bar | Cookies | Snack Bars

Literally translating to the heart or the dearest part of your life - the Hridaya, with it's familiar flavours & nostalgic textures, effuses emotions of gratitude & abundance.

With dedicated product boxes, this set is created to ensure a safe travel experience transcending state borders across India.

Cinlettes | 12 pieces 

Laminated cinnamon crisps

Inclusion Bar | 1

Single origin Java milk 32.6% | Hazelnut croquant | Sea salt

Cookies | 3

Roasted pecan | single origin chocolate chip 

Snack Bars | 4

Mandarin peel tea cake enrobed in dark chocolate

Apricot almond streusel tea cake enrobed in blonde chocolate

Roasted pistachio tea cake enrobed in white pistachio & raspberry chocolate 

Hazelnut almond tea cake enrobed in milk chocolate 

Do you require this to be egg free?